The love bug (also known as lovebug, march fly...Found throughout much of the United States, lovebugs (Plecia nearctica) are especially common in the Southern US States like Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina. These insects get the name lovebug, because much of their short lives are spent mating. When spotting a lovebug, it’s actually more common to see them paired up, than to see them individually. It’s this behavior which has led this flying insect to have many nicknames; including: honeymoon fly, double-headed bug, and kissing bug.

Lovebugs become nuisance pests twice a year; in early spring and late summer. These flies take flight in the thousands, if not millions. When in flight, swarms of lovebugs have been described as dark bogs moving throughout the sky. While in flight, they wreak havoc on your automobile as you pass through swarms. They smash into the front end of your car, and are very difficult to remove. Their acidity can even ruin your paint.

In addition to making a mess of your vehicle while on interstates and highways, lovebugs have been known to swarm in and around your home and property. As they’re looking to mate, lovebugs can stumble inside you home by the hundreds. Lovebugs are attracted to the lights of your home, and light-colored surfaces. During these times, it’s best to suck up theses intruding pests with a shop-vac filled with a vinegar solution.

Lovebug Swarm 1

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