Pavement Ant

The pavement ant is a shiny black, double-node ant, that ranges in size from 1/10 to 1/8 inch. Pavement ants move in slow deliberate motion and are not easily disturbed.

Pavement ants have a habit of creating problems under asphalt, or concrete slabs. As they build their shallow nests, they push small mounds of soil out through the cracks; and expansion joints. Nests may also be discovered under debris or objects on the ground, as well as near heat sources in structures; during the colder winter months.

These ant pests are attracted to lights, and as such may find their way indoors; at night. Once inside, worker ants cause a pest control problem, by foraging for food, and feeding upon grease, pet food and any sweet substances; they happen to discover. Outdoors, Pavement ants feed on fruits and the sweet honeydew, produced by common garden pests; like aphids and mealy bugs.

In spring, adjacent Pavement ant colonies fight, producing spectacular sidewalk ant battles.

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