Odorous House Ant

The color of the Odorous house ant, can range from dark brown to shiny black, and the workers are typically about 1/8 inch long. The Odorous house ant gets its name from the strong odor it emits, when crushed. The unpleasant smell that results, has been compared to rotting coconuts.

Odorous ant colonies can have up to 10,000 workers who forage for food in long, distinct trails. These long trails of ants are often seen indoors, as they crawl over household surfaces; contaminating everything along the way. The Odorous house ant will eat just about anything sweet it encounters, however it prefers the honeydew produced by common garden pests, like aphids and mealybugs.

Outdoors the Odorous house ant makes shallow soil nests under any material on the ground, within hollow trees, or in any other available cavity. Inside homes, these ants cause pest control problems, when they build their nests in wall voids, under insulation in crawl spaces, or within cavities in wood.

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