Crazy Raspberry Ant

The Crazy Rasberry Ant

The Crazy Rasberry ant, also known as the Crazy Hairy ant, was discovered by an exterminator (Tom Rasberry) in 2002 near Houston, Texas. A large infestation is currently present in at least 20 counties in Texas. The ants appear to prefer the warmth and moistness of the coast. Since their discovery, Rasberry ants have spread throughout Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and North Carolina; invading homes and creating pest control problems.

Rasberry ants have been given the distinction “crazy” because of the swift, random, and non-linear way they move. They also garner the distinction of being “hairy,” because of the tiny reddish brown fuzz that covers their body. This hair makes their abdomen look less glossy, than other ant species. They feed on plants, ladybugs, and other ant species.

Like other ant species, Rasberry ants are attracted to electrical equipment. As these ants chew through electric insulation, they cause stop lights, air conditions, and other electrical equipment to short circuit.

Rasberry ants are dangerous, in that if any are killed they will release a pheromone that will summon other Rasberry ants to attack. In fact, it has been demonstrated that if you kill thousands of Rasberry ants, millions of other will show up to their funeral. If you have Rasberry ants on your property, seek a licensed ant control professional. Currently there are two effective forms of Rasberry ant treatment.

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