Black Carpenter Ant

Black Carpenter Ant: Camponotus pennsylvanicus...

The Black Carpenter ant (a species of Carpenter ant), is the most common Carpenter ant pest in the United States. Although they do not eat or digest wood, Black Carpenter ants will tunnel through wood causing structural damage. They are distinguishable from other Carpenter ant species by the dull black color of the head and body; as well as white-yellow hairs on the abdomen. All castes of this species (including the major and minor workers, queens, and males) are black.

Black Carpenter ant workers are most active at night, foraging up to 100 yards in search of food; leaving a chemical (pheromone) trail. The Black Carpenter ant does not sting, however larger worker ants can administer a sharp bite, which may become further irritated by the injection of naturally produced formic acid. With regards to other ants, the Black Carpenter ant is fiercely territorial.

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