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  1. Dear Bulwark,
    I had to post this again because I posted it to the wrong location.
    Today I was visiting my mother when your technician arrived. He greeted my mother as if he was talking to one of his friends. He asked her if there were any problems or bugs that he needs to address. I heard my mother reply just some ants in the kitchen but thats fine just do the outside. Then I was amazed to here your employee reply ” Oh come on now… It’s not okay. I will serve them ants with an eviction notice right now. Nah-ah I will not take no for an answer. It is my sworn duty, my responsability, and my soul mission to eradicate any kind of pest living in your home without your consent. My mother laughed and agreed to let him treat. He entered the home removing his boots and leaving them outside. Wow! I have never seen a company employee have that kind of respect for a customers home. After he took care of the kitchen problem, he told my mother, while I’m here almost barefoot with cold feet, I’m going to treat the rest of the house for you. His great sense of humor is was so warming to my mother. After he finished the inside and outside service, she signed the bill then he said “If any of them bugs come back to bug you, make sure you tell them that you’re going to call me. He made her promise she was going to call him. He said, you take care of yourself because I want to see you looking this good when I come back. My mother describes him as a wonderful person with a good heart. I’m so happy that he takes care of my mom. I couldn’t read him name on the paper, but It started with a Z and had the numbers 580853 next to it. He did a wonderful job and if he reads this I just want to say thank you for treating my mother with such kindness. God Bless you.

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