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Millbrae, CA
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Bed Bugs carrying disease? …Yes, they can.

Bed bugs are on the rise in America. Researchers are know finding out that bed bugs are also carriers of the MRSA disease. Just another reason to follow the old saying don’t let the bed bugs bite. Bring back your peace of mind and have Scent Tek check your home for those nasty little parasites and let you know if you need to tack action or if you are free of bed bugs. If you do have bed bugs Scent Tek’s dogs are the most effective way to locate them by pin pointing exactly were they are located and were to treat. Scent Tek’s dogs have been professionally trained to locate the scent of bed bugs and zero in on the specific locations of the infestation. The hardest part of treating bed bugs has always been locating were to treat thus the need for Sherlock Hounds from Scent Tek for reliable detection of bed bugs.

Scent Tek Bed Bug Inspections
Years in Service: 3

Tag Line or Slogan: Sherlock Hounds

General Pests covered: Bed Bugs

Specialty pests: Bed Bugs

Cities Covered (suburbs):Northern California

Zip Codes covered: too numerous to list; cover all of San Francisco Bay and the surrounding areas



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