History of Bed Bugs

Timeline of bed bugs in Europe: Greece – 400 BC Rome – 77 AD Germany – 11th Century AD France – 13th Century AD England – 1583 Bed bugs have been documented and recorded for millennia, and until the late 18th century were believed to have healing characteristics. They were used throughout the centuries toRead More

Bed Bug Elimination

Elimination of bed bugs frequently requires a combination of pesticide and non-pesticide approaches.Pesticides have increasingly grown ineffective as a result of bugs building resistances to known agents, making alternative methods increasingly popular. Alternative approaches such as vacuuming the insects, heat-treating items, or wrapping have been recommended in addition to pesticides. As soon as an infestationRead More

Does Bug Repellent Work for Bed Bugs?

Bulwark Exterminating created this video with K-9BedbugInspectors.com testing bug repellent against bed bugs. Could the solution to the EPA spending $550,000 on research be that simple? Does bug repellent prevent bed bugs? 1st test is in and the results look promising. Bedbug repellent just might solve the nation’s woes of the spreading bedbug epidemic. From […]