Dead Mouse Theatre- Bizarre Pest Control Ads

In one of the most bizarre ad campaigns I’ve seen, since Quiznos launched their spongemonkey mascot ads (a freaky, bulging eyed, deformed looking rat creation that was more likely to make people lose their appetite for a sandwich than gain it); Tomcat mouse-killing bait recently released an ad campaign featuring fake thespian mice.

Have you ever wondered what people might do with all those dead mice killed by Tomcat baits? If you have, I bet you would have never guessed, they’s put on an off-Broadway performance with them!

Titled “Dead Mouse Theatre,” a pair of fake mice are manipulated by hands and given character voice-overs as they act out some rather amusing skits. See for yourself:

Dead Mouse Theatre- Leprechaun

Dead Mouse Theatre- Fitzy Gibbons

Dead Mouse Theatre- Vikings

Pest Control Advertising

Tomcat’s slogan that accompanies these ads is “Tomcat. Engineered to kill.” This slogan is quite effective. It remains to be seen just hoe effective these off-off-off Broadway approach ads will be received by the public.

As a pest control guy, I find these Tomcat ads quite amusing. I like how’ve they’ve taken the emphasis off of killing mice, and find entertainment value in the dead critters themselves.

What do you think?


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