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CockroachRoaches are very small pests that will infest your home if not controlled. They are very small pests that can reproduce very quickly. There are four main cockroaches that will infest a home: the Brown Banded roach, the German roach, the Oriental roach, and the most common; the American roach or sewer roach.

What does a roach look like? 

The four different types of cockroaches will all vary in size and shape. The Brown Banded and German roach are the about the same size; or 1/8 of an inch. The coloring of both cockroaches is very similar. Both roaches are a light tan to light brown color. On the other hand, the Oriental and American roach are bigger in size; about 1 inch long. The coloring is as very similar. They are brown to a dark drown; almost black color.

Where do roaches live? 

Dead_Roaches_DustpanThe type of cockroach will greatly determine where a roach will live. The smaller Brown Banded and German roach will live in warm dry places; like where the hot water heater or dryer will be. The Oriental and American cockroach will live more in dark wet areas; like washers, and sinks. When roaches find what they like, they will infest the area and take over if not exterminated.

How to control the roach problem? 

The best way to control roaches is to have a company come out and treat for them. To fully control roaches, a three part treatment must be done. The first part is to treat inside the walls of the home with an in-wall treatment.  The in-wall treatment will exterminate any roach living in the walls. The second part is to treat around the foundation of the home, using a power sprayer, not a back pack sprayer. The last part is to treat at the source of the cockroach problems, the plants. Using granules to treat the plants will help control the roaches, and eliminate them from the source.

Make sure you solicit the services of a professional roach control company when facing a cockroach problem.


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