Amazing Video Of Ant Teamwork

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You’ve heard of horse power, but ant power?

In this amazing and now viral video, we witness yet again, just how amazing ants truly are. Like a team of horses yoked together pulling a carriage, these incredible tiny creatures link together to carry an night crawler back to their colony.

Now that’s what I call teamwork!

While it’s not unheard of for ants work together to tackle food to bring back to their colony; whether it be a discarded half-eaten cookie left from a backyard picnic, or a dead decaying cricket that met it’s demise, but behavior like this is not frequently witnessed.

Yes, some species of ant do form chains, linking their legs to make bridges. In fact, there are a few species of ant (typically Army ants) that do form chains and work together to take down prey. This behavior in ants is sometimes referred to as a daisy-chain. This technique is incredibly efficient, as opposed to each individual ant bringing a small bite back to the colony. Groups of ants can move prey larger than you’d expect, if you were to simply look at the collective strength of those individual ants.

Once again, this year’s teamwork award goes to… The ants!


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