A Duplex of Pest Problems In Your Single Family Home

roof - soffit accessYou are one satisfied home owner, having just moved into a home; with the most stunning roof line, landscaping to rival the neighbors and your favorite color of brick. Not so long after moving in, something very strange takes place. You become a landlord with tenants above and below. These tenants don’t bring parking issues nor do they bring extra income renting out rooms. In fact there is no rent involved in this transaction and there isn’t even a landlord tenant act to fall back on.  You don’t have to perform a reference search, fill out any applications nor spend money to provide separate entrances or separate utility meters.

What I’m referring to is the common phenomenon of mice and racoons moving into your home right alongside you without your permission. With mice in the walls, basement and floor joists the raccoons enjoy the attic.  How does this happen given you can’t find any means a fat mouse and a dog size raccoon can possibly get in? How could they be bombarding your beautiful home like this? What will your family, friends and neighbors think of you?

The reality is your neighbors, family and friends are dealing with the same issues, the bigger the house the more rodents it can support, the more entry points, the more destruction is taking place and from the outside no one is the wiser, we all just see the beautiful landscaping. So why is this, is there some kind of special powers these critters possess? Well the answer is yes, actually.

Here are a few super power secrets the mice and racoons don’t want you to discover about them.


1.       Mice enter your home by collapsing their entire body down to the size of their narrow nose pushing their way through tiny cracks in your home’s exterior.

2.       Mice can run up any wall like Spiderman.

3.       Mice can fly….. oops they can’t but they can jump 12 – 16 inches off the ground.

4.       They can survive from very little direct sources of water.

5.       They leave an invisible pheromone trail so other mice can easily follow their footsteps.


1.       Raccoons are the world ultimate survivalists.

2.       They are equipped with seeing-eye hands, they don’t have to rely on their eyes.

3.       Their hands are small without opposable thumbs, can’t grab but work away at things.

4.       They are elastic and flatten their spine to get into 2 inch spaces.

5.       They invented the attic toilet requiring no maintenance on their part.

A Duplex of Pest Problems In Your Single Family Home

beforeWith these super powers these alien like mice and raccoons have cased your joint and discovered, with relative ease, all of the entry points you would never think of that are common in the construction of your home. Did these critters break into the city hall building permit office and read the building code manual front and back? Possibly, at least that would be an understandable explanation.

It’s a bit harder to believe this baseball size mouse critter runs straight up your wall to a tiny opening in the brick known as weep holes, flattens his body and crawls through with ease.  We have to ponder how raccoons figured out that if they climb up onto a roof and find a section of roof that rises into soffit of a higher roof they can simply push the soffit up and out of the way enough to pass through into the attic.

These are your realities, no science fiction here, this is what you face with your beautiful home, your biggest investment, your pride and joy, your safe haven. Worse, than trying to evict a delinquent apartment tenant in a valid landlord/tenant relationship, is trying to evict a family of mice and/or raccoons. We strongly suggest you take steps to prevent these pests from getting in in the first place, it will save you money and headaches and serious damage to your home and possibly health.

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