Friday Pest Control Links Round-Up: Summer Flying Pests

hornet nestHow To Un-Invite Stinging Insects From Your Next BBQ

What can you do to make your BBQ a little less interesting to all bees and wasps in the area? Here are some helpful tips… Read More

Beware of the Stings This Summer

The summer season is a time to enjoy the sunshine and the great outdoors, but it’s also the time when stinging insects can make an appearance at picnics, cookouts and pool parties. Be on the lookout for yellowjackets, wasps, and bald-faced hornets… Read More

Mosquito Misting Systems: Do Green Systems Work?

The best way to stem the growth of mosquito populations is for each homeowner to be proactive in the care of their own landscape. One way to control mosquitoes on your property is to install a misting system… Read More

Parking Lot Sweet Spot For Wasp Nests

Wasps love to build their nests in parking lot light poles, and this can be dangerous for those shopping. Watch out for wasps in these areas… Read More

What You Need To Know About Yellow Jackets This Summer

While there are plenty of insects buzzing around right now, there are some that instill a bit more anxiety than others. One of those insects that often has people running in the other direction are yellow jackets… Read More

Pest Of The Week: The Mealybug Destroyer

Mealybug_DestroyerOur pest of the week is not actually a pest at all. As a pest control ally, because of their natural pest control benefits, the mealybug destroyer (Cryptolaemus montrouzieri) can keep crops and gardens free of mealybugs. A single mealybug destroyer can eat almost 300 mealybug larvae in a single day. These beneficial insects also frequently eat aphids and cockroach eggs when a mealybug is not on hand.

The mealybug destroyer was brought to the United States from Australia in the late 1800’s for one sole purpose… To help California residents battle the pesky citrus mealybugs that were plaguing the state’s citrus crop. The mealybug destroyer was successful in this endeavor.

Adult mealybugs look like small brown beetles, with their larvae looking a lot like the mealybugs they feast upon. The larvae are described as walking pieces of lint, with wooly appendages.


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