American Cockroach Control

American roachAmerican cockroaches are the biggest cockroaches, and some of the fastest bugs to infest a home.

What does the American roach look like? 

The American cockroach will have a reddish brown colored body, and will have yellow markings around the head. Off the head the American roach will have two long antennas. The American roach can grow to about two inches.

Where will you see American cockroaches?  

Outside of the home, American cockroaches will be found by your plants, gardens, and any really damp warm areas. Inside the home American roaches can be found hiding in cabinets, under sinks, in the bath room, and in the walls of the home. American cockroaches will infest your home very quick. The egg capsules of an American cockroach will hold about 15 eggs, and each roach and lay up to 10 egg capsules. Each egg capsule will then hatch about 45 days after being laid.

Why are there American cockroaches in my home? 

American_Cockroach_SideMost of the American cockroaches in your home will be there looking for shelter and food. American roaches will eat just about anything. Their meal plan will consist of cosmetics, beer, potted plants, soap, hair, toenails, and postage stamps.

What should I do if I see American cockroaches in my home?

If you are seeing them in your home the best thing to do is call some one that can control the American roaches. American cockroaches are very hard to control if not treated correctly. Bulwark Pest Control will come treat your home with a power sprayer, temp dust, baits and granules. This treatment is strong enough to eliminate the problem, and will ensure that the American cockroaches will be controlled. Bulwark Pest Control is licensed and insured. Yes, every one of Bulwark Technicians are state licensed, and in-house trained.


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