Pest Control Links Round-Up- It’s Summer!

mosquitoMosquito Control Awareness Week Aims to Educate Homeowners 

This week marks Mosquito Control Awareness Week as declared by the American Mosquito Control Association. This annual awareness program aims to educate the public on the impact mosquitoes can have on their daily lives as well as how mosquito control companies can help with their mosquito population. Read More: 

Summer Pest Control 

If it’s so great outside why are all the bugs trying to get in my house? With all seriousness, you can take a few steps to prevent pest problems this summer:

Tips To Keep Pantry Pests Out 

Pantry pests can easily contaminate stored food and can also be brought into the home undetected in already infested purchases. Here are some proactive practices to keep your pantry pest-free:

3 Things You Need to Know About Bed Bug Control 

Doing some travelling this summer? Given the frequency of these blood-feeding insects, there are three things you need to know about bed bugs:

Take The Sting Out Of Summer Fun [Infographic] 

You have to see this infographic on the stinging pests of summer:

Pest Of The Week: Leaf Miners 

Leaf miners

In the insect and pest control communities, we use the term leaf miner to describe a variety of insects that eat in live within the membranes of plants. This behavior is very destructive, causing severe damage to the plants these leaf miners infest.

There are many different types of leaf miners, but the majority are insect larvae; typically different species of flies and moths. Additionally, there are also other wasps and beetles that exhibit this destructive leaf mining behavior.

Leaf miners are considered a serious pest control problem because of their destructive capabilities; especially to gardeners and farmers. A serious leaf miner infestation can easily wipe out a garden or field of agricultural crops.

Leaf miners are difficult to treat with common pesticides, as they are protected in the leaves of the plants they eat and live in. To prevent a leaf miner invasion, many gardeners or farmers will plant “trap crops” near the valuable fields.



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