Spring Bugs Getting You Down? Give These Unusual Treatment Methods a Try!

After a bitterly cold winter, many people are looking forward to spring and the promise of warmer weather. However, along with the change in temperature comes an increase in the bug population. Roaches, stink bugs, ants and bees seem to come out of the woodwork in the spring and summer. Homeowners have two options: call in the professionals or try and get rid of the infestation themselves. There are a number of unusual home treatment methods circulating the web; the following creative remedies are certainly worth a try in the battle against the bugs!


Dead Roaches Dustpan

There are very few bugs that upset homeowners more than roaches. If you’ve seen a few of these creatures lurking around, grab a bottle of hot sauce! Simply create a solution consisting of hot sauce and water, and spray the areas where you’ve seen the bugs. If that doesn’t work, use borax and sugar. Mix one part sugar with three parts borax. The sugar draws the bugs to the mixture, while the borax scratches at their exoskeleton.

Stink Bugs

stink bug

Getting rid of stink bugs is particularly difficult because of the odor they emit when crushed; most homeowners want to avoid the smell at all costs. Therefore, it is best to try and keep these pests out of the house to start with. If you notice the bugs are coming in from the windows or doors, take dryer sheets and rub them against the screens. This should discourage the bugs from coming into the house. You can use any dryer sheets you have available, but those with a strong scent are usually best.

Catnip is an herbal plant found in many stores, and it is another product that may be effective in warding off stink bugs. Simply sprinkle catnip around the exterior of your home, paying particular attention to areas where you’ve seen the pests in the past.



Ants are a very common problem in the spring, and therefore, homeowners have come up with a number of ways of treating them. Chalk is one such method; try scribbling a bit in the areas in front of your doors. No one really knows exactly how this works, but it is thought that the little creatures don’t like the calcium carbonate in the chalk.

Do you have any baby powder on hand? Ants don’t like cornstarch, which is found in baby powder. Sprinkle a bit in the areas where you have a problem, and monitor the situation from there. Cayenne pepper works in a similar manner. Capsaicin, one of its ingredients, is also irritating to ants. If the baby powder does not work, give cayenne pepper a try instead.


Bee swarm

There are several things you can do outside to help ward off bees. First, try planting marigolds. These beautiful flowers are some of the best at repelling those pesky flying insects. Plant a few around the entrances to your home to keep the walkway clear. Also, keep your grass as short as possible. The longer your lawn, the more likely it is that bees will come buzzing.

Many homeowners are already seeing signs of bugs at their properties. You don’t have to let these little pests invade your space! Try getting rid of them with one of the treatment methods above. Some may sound a little silly, but they are certainly worth a try. If you continue to have a problem, give a knowledgeable pest control company a call. They can help you decide what to do next.


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