Pest Control Technician Of The Year Award

Pest Control TechDoes one of your pest control technicians have what it takes to be this year’s tech of the year? Does he or she go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of your customers? Are they passionate about what they do?

If so, PCT is looking for nominations for their annual technician of the year award. This award recognizes standout pest control service professionals in three categories: commercial pest control, residential pest control and termite control.

For 17 years, PCT’s Technician of the Year award recognizes the contributions of those frontline pest professionals working to protect food, health, property and the environment. The award is sponsored by BASF Pest Control Solutions.

Rules & Criteria

The pest control technician of the year award is an elite honor, given to those pest professionals that best exemplify extraordinary service. There are a few rules and criteria that applicants must adhere to:

  • Minimum 5 years in the industry.
  • Participation in industry educational meetings.
  • Exhibits excellence in safety, customer relations and leadership skills.
  • Active in community service.
  • Specify what category you are nominating the technician (residential, commercial or termite). 
  • All entry forms must be completed by owner, manager or technical/training director and companies may nominate more than one candidate. 

A PDF of the nomination form can be downloaded here.

You also can fill out the online nomination form.

Contact Brad Harbison with any questions at

Attributes Of Technician of The Year

Pest ServicemanIf you belief one of your pest control technicians is deserving of this distinguished tech of the year ward, the committee is looking for some of the following attributes:

  • Total number of years in the industry
  • Number of years with present company
  • Green considerations: How does this technician assist your company with its green initiatives; with examples of how this tech uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and other company-wide green initiatives.
  • Background & training: job history, education, correspondence courses completed, educational seminars and classes attended, etc. are all taken into consideration.
  • Awards: (customer appreciation letters, industry colleague appreciation letters, newspaper clippings, etc.).
  • Community involvement.
  • Why the technician is worthy of award.
  • Evaluation of the technician’s performance in customer relations, leadership skills and safety.
  • Technician’s strengths.
  • Technician’s performance contributing to company success.
  • How technician deals with adversity.
  • Technician initiative.
  • Technician leadership and help.

Last Year’s Winners 

Residential category — Tony Decker, Scherzinger Pest Control, Cincinnati, Ohio

In a pest control career that spans 19 years, Decker has displayed a keen understanding of technology and operations, all while delivering flawless customer service. He plays an important role at Scherzinger as not only a technician but also an early adopter, testing new methodologies and products. He’s also been an invaluable mentor to new technicians.

Commercial category — Corky Long, Presto-X, Springfield, Mo.

Long has been entrusted with some the company’s largest — and most challenging accounts — including bakeries and pet food manufacturers. Presto-X has recognized Long’s abilities and has given him additional responsibilities, including fumigation and fogging work. Long routinely helps his clients prepare for third- party audits and has an outstanding record for receiving perfect scores on these audits.

Termite category — Shawn Svehla, Turner Pest Control, Jacksonville, Fla.

A 20-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force Security Police, Svehla turned his attention to protecting people’s homes when he joined Turner Pest Control 13 years ago. Svehla’s area of expertise is managing and conducting residential and commercial termite pretreatments. He tackles his schedule with a steadfast approach and a focus on details. Svehla has excelled at the sometimes challenging task of working with builders – whose schedules fluctuate due to weather or delays from subcontractors.

Good Luck To This Year’s Applicants!


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