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spider in glassAfraid of Spiders? Me Too!

If you’re a fellow arachnophobe, we’re in good company—Justin Timberlake, J.K. Rowling, and Selena Gomez also suffer from this affliction. In fact, between three and six percent of all people have Arachnophobia. Learn more about Arachnophobia here.

Earwigs Crawl Into Peoples Ears While They Are Sleeping & Lay Eggs In Their Brains – FACT OR MYTH?

Heard the tale that earwigs can crawl into your ears and bite you while you are sleeping and lay eggs in your brain, causing serious injury or even death? Is it fact or myth? Read more here.

Landscaping Tip #8 – Mosquito & Noseeum Control for Your Home

Have your cookouts been filled with that particular chorus of buzzing and slapping we all know? A few changes to your landscaping can help… Read more

Tick Control Options in New Jersey

Ticks are nasty business. If you have them, look for a tick control program that takes an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and make some landscaping adjustments… Read More

Love Bugs Are Here!

Ah yes, it’s that time of year when the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and love bugs are splatting against your windshield! Yup, it’s May! Those not so lovable love bugs are back and swarming… Read More

Pest Of The Week: Minute Pirate Bug

Percevejo // Minute Pirate Bug (Anthocoris visci)

If you are a farmer or gardener in the Western United States, you are likely familiar with the Minute Pirate Bug. You’ll find this beneficial insect in gardens, agricultural crops, and pastures; feeding on insect prey. These bugs are excellent exterminators of caterpillars, mites, and aphids; and will also eat the nectars and pollens of plants when their insect prey is not available. One adult Minute Pirate Bug will eat over thirty spider mites in any given day.

Look for Minute Pirate bugs in flowering weeds, shrubs, or flowers during the spring and summer months. These bugs can bite humans; however, these bites are not very painful and are rare occurrences. A bite is equivalent to a less itchy mosquito bite. Introducing these bugs into your personal garden can be a benefit.



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