Esteemed Writer Enlightens Masses With 1000 Published Blogs

1000 Blogs Published TrophyQueen Creek, Arizona— At a ceremony held in a Barro’s Pizza banquet room Tuesday evening, noted pest control and insect blogger Anthony Ball, 32, was recognized by his peers in the pest control community with an award honoring his illustrious writing career, and accomplishment of publishing 1000 blogs.

The black-tie ceremony was reportedly attended by over six prominent pest control professionals, many of whom lauded Ball for his deep and lasting influence in both the literary and pest control fields.

Ball, who is regularly featured in’s list of the nation’s top 500 sexiest bloggers, amassed the 1000 blog publications in just 20 short months. His creative, well-researched works on spiders in particular brought him ample fame; as Oreo Cookie Spiders, The Top 10 Ways to Kill a Spider, and Olive Garden Toilet Spider articles were read by dozens.

“There’s no question that we’re all indebted to Anthony for his literary genius, and enlightening the masses with so much pest control knowledge,” said Thomas Ballantyne, Director of Marketing at Bulwark Exterminating. “Most of us here can only dream of having even half the impact he’s had. He’s that good.”

After a ten minute standing ovation from those in attendance, Ball thanked his supportive wife and inspiring daughter, both of whom will someday inherit the enormous trophy he was awarded.

After thanking his family, Ball took the time to thank those who were most instrumental in reaching the 1000 published blog milestone… The bugs!

“I must first and foremost thank the bugs,” Ball said. “If it weren’t for all things creepy and crawly; all the hours they spent with me while attempting to interview them and get inside their minds; I wouldn’t be here today accepting this distinguished award.”

In his acceptance speech, Ball concluded, “My heart is full of gratitude this day, and I’m truly thankful for all those who who’ve been a part of this journey.”

In the literary and pest control fields, it’s unlikely Ball’s brilliance and commitment will ever be matched.

We congratulate you, Mr. Anthony Ball, on publishing 1000 articles!


Anthony Ball is a Content Marketing Manager with Bulwark Exterminating, an industry leader in providing high quality pest control service. Bulwark is fully operational in nine states, including thirteen major cities. While Bulwark provides pest extermination for common pests like ants, roaches, crickets and spiders; the company's differentiating aspect is great personalized service. Bulwark uses the finest and most effective products in the world to solve common pest problems.

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3 thoughts on “Esteemed Writer Enlightens Masses With 1000 Published Blogs

  1. I love your blog and wish we could just switch bodies, but I’m sure you would never be up for something like that…

  2. What an impressive accomplishment! Impressive trophy as well. I talked to a Bulwark salesman at my door just today. That’s the first time I’ve heard of them. Maybe I would have signed up for some pest control if I’d read your 1000 blog posts first.

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