What You Need To Know About Argentine Ants

Argentine AntsWhat are Argentine ants? 

The Argentine ant is very small ant, only growing to be about 1/8 of an inch. They can, however, grow to be a huge problem if they infest your home.

What does the Argentine ant look like?

The Argentine ant will range in color from a dull gray-black, to a gray-brown color. They will have three different body segments call nodes; and will have six long skinny legs that come off the nodes. On the head there will be two long antennae.

What will the Argentine ant eat? 

The Argentine ant’s main food source is honeydew made from different bugs. They also like to eat foods high in protein, but love to eat sugar. Argentine ants will eat left out candy, fruit, cereal, eggs, juices, tuna, and anything else it can get a hold of.

Where do Argentine ants live and how big can the colony grow? 

These ants can be found in shallow nests under and around trees, walls, concert slabs, rocks, and piles of wood. Argentine ant colonies can have tens of thousands of worker ants, and any number queens. Most colonies can infest your home very quickly, because colonies will combine and double in size.

Linepithema humilis, Argentine ant

What will Argentine ants do? 

Argentine ants are always working on their colony. They do this by working on the nest, and by looking for food to service. A lot of time people will see the Argentine ants inside the home as the ants are looking for food.

Are Argentine ants a problem?

Since these ants are always building, they can become a huge problem at your home. They will start on the outside of the home and work there way inside. If these ants are not exterminated they will infest and cause a much worse problem.

If you are having problems with Argentine ants, get professional ant control!


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