Round-Up Of Pest Control Articles Of The Week

stuffed tickWarm Spring Weather Brings Ticks back to The Garden State

April showers and May flowers may be especially welcome this spring because of the harsh winter just past. But this is also the time of year when anyone visiting or living in New Jersey should be on the lookout for another, less pleasurable harbinger of the season – the blacklegged, or deer, tick… Read More

Ladybug-Mimicking Spider

The ladybug mimic spider (Paraplectana coccinella) mimics the ladybug in what is called Batesian mimicry. This means mimicking a toxic animal without actually being toxic yourself. So you get the protection, but don’t actually need to worry about producing the toxins… Read More

Gopher Control Season in Full Swing in San Diego

Heavy gopher activity in San Diego County shows a sign that gopher season is in full swing in Southern California. With large open areas and uninhabited areas, San Diego is prime real estate for gophers and other rodents looking to set up residence… Read More

Four Facts about the House Fly

For a few facts about house flies, and a few tips on keeping them away, click here.

Mesa Ants

Mesa, AZ is commonly has two different ants; Pavement ants and Argentine ants. Learn more about these pesky ants… Read More

Pest Of The Week: The Kudzu Bug

Soybean Research

Measuring 1/6th of an inch to ¼ of an inch, and a very distinct olive green in color with brown spots, the Kudzu bug is quite the pest control problem. As the soybean farmer’s number one most wanted pest species, kudzu bugs flock to fields of soybean every summer, and feast away. This causes significant damage to the plants, and cost farmers millions of dollars each year as they destroy a significant portion of crop.

When they are not busy feeding on the beans and legumes in the field, they have been known to infest the homes of residents in the Southern States. Every fall, kudzu bugs clumsily take to the air. They move in on your home and property, entering through the cracks and crevices’ spilling through holes in screens and gaps in your windows and doors. These bugs are attracted to light colored surfaces and objects, so your homes, vehicles, and even you can be a target.

Traditional pest management methods do little to keep these pest invaders away, as preventive measures are your best bet. A shop-vac filled with a solution of vinegar and water is very effective at sucking up these pests. Do avoid smashing them as they can stain and will definitely leave an unpleasant sting; much like a relative of theirs, the stinkbug.


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