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#Icon14 was a power packed three days. Catering to small business owners, infusionsoft championed success stories, rejuvenated entrepreneurs with motivating keynote speakers, and urged small businesses to improve and move forward. On day one, Simon challenged those attending to ignore the fires and work on improving themselves. Stepping back and working on one’s business instead of in one’s business is essential to progress. As business owners face the struggles of surviving and thriving, it is important for leaders to recharge. This event was one of kind, and it allowed just that, recharge, charge up, and push on. Here are a few notes I took of the event. I hope you are inspired to do and be more.

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Some days you wake up and say “I want more.” And not more money… More out of life. – Heather Lemere, Salon Success Strategies 

Leadership is not a rank it is a choice. It is the choice to look out after the person to the left of them and right. – Simon Sinek

Leadership is being the one willing to take the risk or make the sacrifice first. – Simon Sinek

Applying intensity alone to a problem that needs consistency will not solve your problem. – Simon Sinek

Take the leap and learn to fly on the way down. – Seth Godin


Innovation is failing over and over and again. – Seth Godin 

Go to the edge of failure swinging. Small business owners need to be willing to get their knuckles bloody. – Thomas Ballantyne

I took the liberty to inject my own verbiage to Seth’s ideas and personalize it. Adam Seever, owner of Bulwark Exterminating, my boss, and my brother-in-law, once put in my head the image of moving forward hard, and blooding one’s knuckles. Sometimes you pick a fight and loose. Other times you must charge forward and win through sheer exertion. And yes, you will bloody your knuckles doing this.

Business success comes from finding a need and filling that need.

Marketing Fundamentals

Icon14 Simplify

Simplify your design. Don’t decorate! Be intentional.

Confused minds don’t buy.

Copying competitor marketing can be dangerous. You don’t know their goal.

Selling product/service is small business marketing goal #1 #2 & #3!

Marketing Rule: Results Rule Period. No one can argue with the numbers. Your opinion and my opinion are secondary to the results. If the results pick the color pink, then my blue or your red loose. Period.

Content Marketing is conversational. Talk to me like we’re having a conversation. Don’t kill the conversation with boring facts. Add emotion.

If you can’t say it in 140 characters, don’t make up words/hieroglyphics! Work on your brevity.

Learn to write. 1 of 2 home pages has a grammatical error.

Nurture Your Customers

Spin, hype & ads are OUT! Tribe, support, usability, price and product or service that matters is IN. – Seth Godin

I find it interesting that many small business owners don’t understand the most basics of marketing gears. Advertising is part of marketing, but it is not the whole of it. Branding is also part of marketing, but just a part. Even in Greg Head’s Marketing Strategy session, Greg skipped the idea that the “product” is marketing. “Product” is one of the four P’s of marketing. Your product or service is fundamental to your marketing success. That product/service must fill a customer’s needs, wants, and/or desires. Nurturing your customers is meeting their needs. When they need you then you matter.

Time and energy, the secret ingredients in building relationships. – Thomas Ballantyne


If you want WOW customers, working to WOW customers will help you actually WOW them. – Scott Martineau 

Power of personal recommendation is the future. Network is your power. – Peter Shankman

Treat different people differently. – Seth Godin

Email Marketing


Do it wrong… You can be banned for spamming. You can risk your reputation.

Direct to buy offers get 1% conversion. Lead Generation is not asking to buy now, but only asking them to ‘raise their hand’.

When using automation with emails, you must switch up the layout from time to time. Send a plain text email on occasion.

Marketing Communication: There will always be an offer. Always ask them to do something.

Cheese block vs. salt block. Do you want to attract mouse or deer? What is your audience interested in?

The sale doesn’t stop until they say “No”. – Hamish Macqueen, Cleancorp 

You worked really hard to get them to your page, No Exit Link. The only exit link is conversion.

Good Business Sense

If you don’t think money is important than your business is going to suffer.


Spend money/time on customers who are changing behavior (accelerating or decreasing speed). Jermain Griggs, Hear and Play Music

Careful, don’t confuse historical customer value with future value. – Jermain Griggs, Hear and Play Music

Competing on price is a race to the bottom. Don’t compete on price. You don’t want to win that race.

People that search and knowingly click an ad are looking to buy.


Don’t get mad. Get data. – Bryan Hatch

When you fail, don’t give into defeat and anger. Be smart. Look at experience objectively and fix what went wrong.


“Customers will always remember generosity and they will never forget your greed.” – Jon Acuff 

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