Horrifying News- We Swallow How Many Spiders In Our Sleep?

Spider-on-PilowPhoenix, AZ: In news of the weird and down right horrifying; a leading arachnologist has confirmed that spiders, do in-fact, crawl on you while you sleep. The average person will swallow several a month, and that’s not even the worst part.

How Many Spiders Do We Swallow In Our Sleep?

Brian Lofton, the lead arachnologist at The University of Phoenix in Phoenix, AZ, claims that during an average night’s sleep, some two or three spiders crawl across your face, neck, and body; depending on the level of infestation in your home.

With a dozen or so spiders parading across your face in a given week while you slumber, it’s inevitable that you’ll swallow a few here and there, said Lofton in a public statement.

“As you sleep, you become a virtual playground for these creeping pests just mere minutes after you fall asleep; inhaling several spiders, swallowing at least two or three during any given month.”

Spider on face sleeping

There’s one surefire way to tell if you have spiders crawling on your while you sleep. Lofton continued, You’ll really itch; especially your nose and ears!

While spiders are drawn to the moist and humid areas of the nose and mouth, they will also spend each night laying eggs in your nasal cavities and ear canals. It’s imperative that you blow your nose first thing in the morning after waking. If not, you’ll be overrun with spiderlings as they feast on your brain matter.

It gets worse, Lofton added,

If you are dealing with a trap-door spider infestation; these spiders may make your nasal cavities and ear canals their permanent home. These spiders construct intricate cork-like trapdoors made of spider silk and either earwax or nasal mucus.

Experts agree, to avoid swallowing spiders in your sleep, it’s recommend you take precautions, like professional spider control.

*** Update: The Horrifying Truth About Swallowing Spiders In Your Sleep

The truth is, according to this report, we do not swallow spiders, or rarely any other insect while we sleep. Spiders do not munch on brain matter and will not build a trap-door over your nose or ear cavity. Gotcha!

April Fools!



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