Friday Link Round-Up: Weekly Pest Control Information

termitesHow Do Termite Colonies Begin?

New subterranean termite colonies can begin in one of two ways, through a swarm, and by budding a new colony… Read More

Pest-Proof Your Home

April is National Pest Management Month and with the advent of spring, Leonard Douglen, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Pest Management Association, reminds homeowners that pest-proofing one’s home protects against threats to health and, importantly, damage to one’s greatest investment… Read More

What Does Pest Exclusion Really Mean?

Exclusion is a major component of an integrated pest management system. Use of the term “management” indicates a proactive approach involving prevention. This tactic is the most efficient, cost-effective way of preventing invaders from gaining a foothold in your home, office or business… Read More

Is Your Natural Scent Repelling Mosquitoes?

Forty-eight males volunteered to illustrate how different skin microbes can be more or less attractive to mosquitoes. They were asked not to shower for two days and to refrain from certain types of food and beverages like alcohol, garlic, etc. To increase the number of microbes to be tested, the men had to wear socks for 24 hours. The results are interesting… Read More

Tips To Protect Your Home From Termites: Termite Awareness Week

It’s the kickoff of Termite Awareness Week, seven days dedicated to everything termite, from prevention tips to signs of an infestation. In honor of this week, here are a few termite prevention tips… Read More

Pest Of The Week: Predaceous Stink Bug

Florida Predatory Stink-bug

While most species of stink bug are harmful to the plants in your garden, the predatory stink bug or Predaceous Stink bug is actually a very beneficial insect. These bugs love to munch on the caterpillars, beetles, and other bugs that damage your garden plants. They are known to eat over 100 different types of insects, with their favorite being leaf beetle larvae.

Predaceous Stink Bugs are found in the southeast United States and are very prominent in Florida. They have stout, short beaks, and are a dark blue and orange color. They very rarely pose serious pest control problems for homeowners.



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