Fact Or Fiction- Bed Bug High

smoking bed bugsCan you get high by smoking blood-sucking bed bugs?

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler have been inundated as of late with reports of a new method of getting high… Drying, crushing, and then smoking or injecting bed bugs!

Yeah, BED BUGS. Those creepy things that most of us hate even thinking about. The same little critters that plague hotels and give guests nasty rashes. Yes, those very same bed bugs.

I was a little skeptical at first, so I sought out the truth. Here’s fact or fiction- bed bug highs:

Fact Or Fiction- Bed Bug High




If you were like me, and thought that the idea of crushing, drying, and smoking bed bugs was not only repulsive, but just too crazy to be true, then you were right.

This bed bug high report done by ABC 15 in Phoenix was just a hoax; an April Fools Day prank in fact. The above video was an altered version of a report the station did several months earlier on the dangers of “dabbing” doses of cannabis concentrates.

Pretty clever and pretty disgusting!

Here Is The Bed Bug High Claim

bed bugIn their latest effort to find a cheap high that doesn’t require the purchase of any actual drugs, teens have discovered a way to smoke bed bugs.

Bedbugs reportedly have a known hallucinogen that if smoked or injected can cause major hallucinations. There’s no way to extract the active chemical known as PH-417, so the entire bug is dried, crushed, and then smoked; or, perhaps even worse and more disgusting, injected.

How do kids even think to do this?!

The hallucination chemical PH-417 enters the brain, and goes to certain receptors; the pleasure centers of the brain. Those are then stimulated. Dopamine is released and a person gets a high from that.

It’s toxic, it’s dangerous, and it’s something parents need to be really wake up to… That getting high off bed bugs is really happening.

Unfortunately, not only is the very idea of this cringe-worthy, but the bugs also contain other elements that can cause serious damage to the mind and body, so smoking them can be extremely dangerous.

Viral Video: The ABC 15 Phoenix Bed Bug High Report


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