Could You Be Using Pinterest For Marketing?

Small businesses are often wary of using Pinterest for marketing because it doesn’t seem as rewarding or straightforward as Instagram. Admittedly, Pinterest won’t work for all brands, but some companies can benefit enormously from including the image-pinning site in their social media marketing plan; including pest control companies. Here’s how to decide if Pinterest is for you, and if so, how you can use it:

Is Pinterest right for your business?

Some companies won’t get anywhere using Pinterest, and that’s fine — but you don’t want to be spending time getting to grips with the site if it isn’t going to benefit you. Work out whether it’s right for your brand before setting up your account.

Pinterest works best for fashion, design, beauty, furniture, and home-ware, but many other trade industries are finding it beneficial; including pest control. It doesn’t matter whether you’re offering products or services, as long as you can make them look good in an image.

Find out whether you’re already being Pinned

Type “[YOUR WEBSITE URL]/“ into your address bar. This will display all the images pinned from your website. By studying the comments, tags, and what boards they’ve been pinned to, you’ll learn how people on Pinterest view your brand. This will give you an idea of how to market yourself on the site — and, possibly, elsewhere.

Make your account look attractive

Fill in all the boxes you can — you want as much information about your brand on the site as possible, because you won’t be putting this on the images themselves. A good profile picture can do wonders for boosting your follower count, too. Make sure this is all set up before you start pinning things.

You need to stay active on Pinterest. That means Pinning other people’s images, engaging with content, following users and collecting followers. Alert fans on other social networks that you’re now active on Pinterest — and, if you think it will help, offer 10% discounts to your first 100 followers on the site. You can also link your Pinterest account to your Facebook or Twitter, but be careful not to spam anyone. People won’t feel the need to follow you on Pinterest if they’re seeing everything you pin on Facebook already!

When it comes to images…

Don’t put your brand logo on anything, and keep people out of the picture. You want pictures of your product, either on a plain background or in a real-life situation — but if something looks like advertising, it’s not going to get repinned, so be careful not to include any text or branding in your pictures.

Quality is incredibly important on Pinterest, so make sure your images are of a good resolution, and that the colors are fresh, vibrant, and attractive. Black and white Pins don’t tend to get re-pinned all that much, so you’ll want to be wary of that.

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By Sam Wright

Sam Wright is a freelance writer specializing in small business. He is currently working for Brand Republic.


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