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Bedbug bitesThe Psychological Effects of a Bed Bug Infestation

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Why You Should Have An Annual Termite Inspection

Owning a home means numerous unexpected advantages and pitfalls. Chief among the things you should watch out for while you are on the market, and then later as a homeowner is damage, are termites! Here’s why… Read More

Pest Of The Week: Carpet Beetles

Thirsty carpet beetle
Thirsty carpet beetle (Photo credit: servitude)

Carpet beetles are very small, round and patterned in mottled, checkerboard, or wavy lines; with black, white, gray, brown, or orange colors. These insects are often found inside homes, living under carpets and rugs, and in crevices; where hair and dead insects have accumulated.

Between late May and early August, mating occurs and the Carpet beetles lay their eggs in air ducts, in closets, under furniture; or under baseboards. Once hatched, the larvae (also known as a woolly bear), will hide in dark, undisturbed areas and feed on organic material. These tiny pests cause major concern for homeowners, when they travel from room to room, quickly infesting a home; and damaging household items.

Hungry Carpet beetles will feed on a variety of animal and plant products, and cause insect control problems for homeowners, when they damage carpets, furniture, clothing and valuable food supplies. Strong indications of a wide-spread pest control problem, include the presence of damaged household items, molted larval skins in dark areas, and an abundance of adult Carpet beetles; near windows.

To deter an invasion, homeowners should vacuum regularly, dry clean their clothing, place naphthalene balls inside closets, and remove abandoned bird and insect nests; that might be attached to the house and out-buildings.



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