Pest Control News: Valentines Day Edition

Heart Scorpions

Valentines Day Bugs

There are two bugs that have names synonymous with Valentines Day; and coincidentally, one is our pest of the week. Here’s what you need to know about two Valentines Day Bugs; the Lovebug and the Kissing bug… Read More

Book Lice Or Psocids’

My wife loves getting books for any special occasion, and I’ll admit that sometimes I’ll get her a book from a used book store. This Valentines Day, don’t give your significant other Book Lice… Read More

New England’s Most Invasive Insects

If you live on one of these New England states, be on the lookout for these three invasive insects this Valentines Day… Read More

Wasps & Bees Can Be Scary And Dangerous!

Wasps & Bees can be scary and dangerous, and ruin your Valentine’s Day! Learn the differences among all the different wasps and bees, and what you can do about removing their nest… Read More

Racket on the Roof, is it Rats?

Imagine you’ve spent the Valentines Day wooing your significant other with flowers, chocolates, romantic cards, and dinner; only to bring him or her home and hear scurrying and scratching above your bed…Read More

Pest Of The Week: The Lovebug


What better for our pest of the week, than the lovebug…? After all, today is Valentines Day! The name lovebug is synonymous with Valentines, romance, and love; but the truth is there really isn’t much to love about the lovebug—At least not when they are swarming.

Every April or May, and again in Late September or early October, lovebugs take to the air. I’m talking hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of these insects swarming, almost life a black cloud moving throughout the sky. It’s all part of their mating cycle.

In fact, the lovebug’s mating cycle, and their tendency to spend most of their short lives mating, is why they are called lovebugs. You can see them swarm in many parts of the Southern United States; around the Gulf of Mexico. In states like Texas and Louisiana, it’s common to have swarms of lovebugs get inside your home if they have an entry point. They can be drawn in by the lights of your home, and they are even attracted to anything light colored. In addition to being a household pest twice a year, lovebugs are quite the nuisance when driving. They sure can make a mess out of the front of your car, as you smash them on the road.


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