Infographic: The Growing Rodent Problem In America

Mouse By TailA survey was recently conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) where it has been determined that the most common pest infestations in the United States have to do with rodents; mice and rats inparticular. The NPMA is reporting that almost 1/3 of Americans (29%) have had problems with rodents at one time or another, in varying degrees, last year.

The survey was conducted online in the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of the NPMA, from November 22-26, 2013, among 2,033 adults ages 18 and older.

The following infographic, put together by the NMPA, breaks down exactly what the NMPA found with their survey and offers a few pointers on making your home and property rodent proof:

Infographic: The Growing Rodent Problem In America

Rodent Infographic

Nesting MiceRodents

When referring to rodents, pest management professionals are speaking primarily of rats, mice, gophers, and squirrels. Because of their short breeding cycles, their hardiness, and their ability to eat almost anything; some 21 Million rodent pests are now invading our homes. They destroy our property with their chewing and their nest building, leave their droppings everywhere, and have a disgusting odor that lets everybody know of their presence.

Serious rodent infestations should be treated by highly trained and licensed pest control or wildlife control professionals.



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