7 Bug Super Skills

ant dumbbell

1. Spider Silk

spider silk

Spider silk stronger than steel?!?!?! Maybe, maybe not?! The answer to this question is one of those that may never be answered. Comparing different factors of the two materials, it really is a toss up in regards to who comes out on top. The mere fact that a spider can produce anything that is comparable is simply extraordinary. Mass producing spider silk is extremely difficult. A spider normally only makes the amount of silk it requires and nothing more.

2. Beetle Super Strength

Dung Beetles

Dung beetles are known for their love of feces. Most dung beetles will roll up the feces and hide it away for their feast. The horned male of the species Onthophagus taurus is extremely strong, being able to pull over 1000 times its own body weight. This statistic certainly makes this beetle the strongest insect on the planet.

3. Firefly Code


Fireflies are remarkable critters. Their bioluminescence is beautiful and impressive, but how they use it is even more outstanding. The flashes and light-up sequences they emit are a sort of firefly Morse code. They have their own language visible to humans. Deciphering it is still a work in progress, but this phenomenon is definitely something to study.

4. Flight of the Bumblebee

bee flight

We all know that bees can fly, but for decades scientists and physicists had no idea just how they did. In 1934, it was calculated as aerodynamically impossible by French entomologists August Magnan and his assistant Andre Sainte-Lague. Bees are some of the larger flying insects, and their wings just shouldn’t be able to lift the hefty bug. In today’s scientific world, bee flight is explained, but is still a wonder. Bees flap their wings incredibly fast, and that along with their wing angles, makes the flight of a bumblebee a reality.

5. Super Speedy Desert Locust

desert locust

Some of the fastest recorded insects in the world are the desert locust. They can clock in at an impressive 20 mph. Most humans can average a 10-minute mile, so imagine being able to run 3 times faster than normal. These insects can fly more than 3 times faster than a human can run. This is for sure the definition of super speed in regards to bugs.

6. Math Whiz Cicadas

Cicada Swarm

Cicadas are the by far the insect world’s conquistador of arithmetic. These insects emerge every 13 or 17 years; all at the same time. You will not find a wondering cicada in year 9; no! They all somehow sync up to emerge together. This is quite the environmental advantage. Predators don’t have time to evolve a preference for cicadas. There prime number emergence also limits the amount of times they’ll be caught with a predator found of their skins.

7. Mantis Head Tricks

Green Praying Mantis

Pulling a fast one over on a praying mantis is no easy task. These insects can spot it all. They are able to rotate their heads 360 degrees; giving them an all-access pass to their environment. This in combination with the praying mantis’ stealthy hunting skills makes it a lethal predator in the insect world.


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