Pest Control Articles Of The Week

termitesThe Dangers of Dampwood Termites

One of the most destructive pests in the Sunshine State is the Dampwood Termite. See for yourself just how much of an endemic they have become in Florida… Read More

4 Pests That Are Better Left to a Professional

While all pest professionals believe that every pest problem should be addressed by an exterminator, there are certain pests that should definitely not be left to the homeowner. These four pests are best left to the professionals… Read More

Freezing Bed Bugs May Not Kill Bed Bugs

Researchers have now concluded that bedbugs have a high cold tolerance. Although they will eventually succumb to the cold after several days of exposure especially when they are outside, these bugs use “freeze-intolerant” strategies to be able to survive in cold environments, such as lowering the freezing point of their bloodily fluids making them resilient to the winter… Read More

Tennessee Brown Recluse Spiders

Very few spiders strike fear in Tennessee homeowners, like the Brown Recluse spider. There is one reason for this phobia… The Brown Recluse’s toxic, dangerous, painful bites. Read More

Problems With Rats & Mice Plague Nearly 1 In 3 U.S. Homes

Rodents are a huge problem in the U.S, and now the NPMA is reporting that nearly 33 percent of U.S. homeowners are battling rodent pests. That means some of your neighbors. If your neighbors have rodents, you may be susceptible… Read More

Pest Of The Week: Flesh Flies

Flesh FlyOften times confused with the common house-fly, flesh flies are far more devastating to human health. Flesh flies can carry and spread diseases like leprosy, and will also wreak havoc on your intestinal system if you happen to consume flesh fly larvae (maggots).

The flesh fly larvae, or maggots, are internal parasites of other species of pests. A few species lay their eggs in the open wounds of mammals; hence their popular name. Above the soil, these larvae will live up to ten days, and then make their way into the soil where they will grow into adult flesh flies. Additionally, each stage of flesh fly larvae prefer to eat things in different states of decay and decomposition. It’s this characteristic which allows crime scene investigators to use flesh fly maggots as a method to determine time of death at murder scenes.

Flesh flies have black stripes on the gray areas right behind their heads. They also have a checkered pattern of light and dark gray on their abdomen. Some have bright red eyes. Flesh flies are quite widespread throughout much of the United States, but these flies actually prefer tropical regions of the world.


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