Friday Favorites: Weekly Links Round-Up

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Simple Pest Control

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Pest Of The Week: The Whiptail Scorpion

Whip ScorpionA common arachnid that is frequently confused for a scorpion, is the whiptail scorpion. One reason for the confusion is that both scorpions and whiptail scorpions have pinchers that they use to capture and eat their insect prey. Unlike scorpions, whiptail scorpions are not venomous, are not true scorpions, and are not serious pest control problems. The worst these arachnids can do, is spray a mist from their tail, that smells like vinegar, in an effort to keep away potential threats.

Whiptail scorpions, range in color from black to light brown, and can reach lengths of over three inches. Instead of a stinger, whiptail scorpions have a long, thin, whiptail that protrudes from the abdomen. The primary function of this whiptail is not to sting, but act more as a sensory organ.

Look for whiptail scorpions hiding out under and in woodpiles and other debris. They love clutter. Like other scorpions and arachnids, they are active at night.


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