Top 10 Stories On Blog Pest Control 2013

This year has just about come to an end, and what a memorable year it has been. After the heated election of last year, I bet most of you were thinking that things were going to calm down a bit.

Instead, we endured a sobering bombing at The Boston Marathon, watched intently the trails of Jodi Arias and George Zimmerman, and celebrated a royal baby birth. 2013 has also been the year of Obamacare.

What a busy year!

Blog Pest Control Top Stories For 2013

While 2013 was a busy year for all of us, it was also a busy year for Blog Pest Control. We actually set a record for the most views in a year, in a month, and in a day. So many of you are hungry for these interesting perspectives on pests, and on the pest control industry.

Here are the top ten stories on Blog Pest Control for 2013, determined by you the reader:

10. Could Bees Hold The Cure To HIV?

Honey bee

Bee venom carries a toxin called melittin, which has been proven to destroy the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Unfortunately, the solution won’t be as simple as getting stung a couple dozen times by a honey bee if you are living with HIV or AIDS. Currently, scientists are looking at implementing the bee toxin in the form of a topical gel, and also administering it intravenously. It’s still a work in progress.

9. How Much Does A Pest Control Technician Cost?


As a PCO, have you ever wondered how much it costs to replace one of your technicians? When factoring in direct costs alone, it costs $9021 to replace one! Wow, that’s a significant hit! If the average technician makes $30,340 per year, the financial hit is about 109 days of a technician’s pay. This doesn’t even take in to account any indirect costs of losing a technician.

8. Amazing Video: It’s Raining Spiders!

Warning! If you are deathly afraid of spiders, do not watch this video:

7.  Becoming Spiderman: Unlocking The Secrets Of Spider Silk

Spiderman en el Parque Warner en 2010

As kids, wonderment filled our heads, as we watched all the many possibilities of spider silk; shooting powerful spider webs at a schoolyard bully or being able to effortlessly swing from tree branch to tree branch. Now that I’m older, I wonder “How does a spider spin a web of silk that is five times stronger, on a weight-to-strength basis, than steel; and how can we manufacture it?”

6.  Mosquitoes That Drink Blood By The Gallon: Meet The Gallinipper


It’s the goliath of all mosquitoes. A biting bug that is so terrifying that it has emptied entire schoolyards of screaming children. They are called gallinippers because it is believed they can nip a gallon of your blood.

5.  The Christmas Beetle

Christmas beetle

The Christmas beetle appears, on cue, in large numbers across most of Australia every Christmas.

4. 10 Most Painful Insect Stings

 Wasp Stinging Skin

The following 10 insects have definitely earned their way into our nightmares, with the most painful stings out there.

3. Bedbug Laws By State


With the serious increase of bedbug infestations over the past decade, many victims of such infestations are wondering what the bedbug laws are in their state. Well, here they all are!

2.  Spider Found In Oreo: Real Or Fake?

Oreo Spider

In March, pictures surfaced on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter of a spider that was allegedly found inside an Oreo Cookie! You decide if it’s real or fake.

1.  Toilet Spiders At Florida Olive Garden Deemed Hoax

Olive Garden Toilet Spider

Reports of poisonous spiders biting people at a Florida Olive Garden, as they sit on the toilet of all places, surfaced all over the internet the beginning of this year. Squat easy… it was just a hoax!

More Great Articles Coming In 2014!

The above list was compiled based on several components including: number of views, number of comments, and the number of shares on social media sites.

All of us here at Blog Pest Control, and all of the authors who contribute to the blog, are tremendously grateful for your continued readership. More great articles to come in 2014! 

What was your favorite Blog Pest Control article in 2013?


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