Pest Control Links Round-Up: Christmas Edition

Christmas BeeGive The Gift Of Insect Candy This Christmas

This Christmas, try something a little different with your gift-giving. Check out these insect candies that will make the perfect stocking stuffer. More…

Pests Love Christmas Too!

Don’t get so wrapped up in all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, that you forget the pest control; after all, some pests love all the yummy foods and decorations of Christmas too. More…

Is Your Home Bug Free & Guest Ready?

This is the time of the year when we get together with friends, family and loved one to celebrate the blessings of the year and share in the holiday joy. Unfortunately all the cooking, cakes, candy, extra guests and comings and goings can also bring about some unwanted guests of the creepy crawly kind. More…

BugMaster Gets In The Holiday Spirit

The pest management professionals at BugMaster in Mobile, AL had a chance to get out and make a difference this holiday season. Read about their efforts with the Child Advocacy Center of Mobile, and how you can help, here.

Keep Your Holiday Decorations Free From Pests

Most of us store our Christmas decorations in our garages and attics. These boxes provide the perfect harborage for many different types of pests. There are a few steps you can take to keep your decorations free from these pests. More…

iridescent beetlePest Of The Week: The Christmas Beetle

What better pest of the week for the week before Christmas, than the Christmas beetle. Christmas beetles (Anoplognathus) are actually not a specific beetle pest, but rather a large classification of 35 different types of beetles that seem to appear every year in Australia about Christmas time. They appear at Christmas time each year because of their life-cycle.

The most common characteristic among the 35 different species of Christmas beetle, are their beautiful iridescent color. Upon first glance, this iridescent color appears to be green, but can change to various colors depending on the angle in which you view the beetle. Christmas beetles measure about an inch in length, and love to eat eucalyptus.

Christmas beetles become serious pest control problems when they swarm during the holiday months. Not only do they destroy the eucalyptus trees on your property, they are also a serious nuisance. They love the outdoor lighting of your Australian home, and will make a loud thud when they crash-land against your house.



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