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Bull Ants JawsWhat Should You Do If You Suspect You Have Bedbugs?

Bedbugs can be a problem for anyone, no matter how careful and clean you are. You may keep a spotless household, but then your child comes home from a sleepover or you get back from a vacation or business trip, and suddenly, you have an infestation. All it takes is just a few of the creepy little bugs hitching a ride on luggage and this can turn into a full-blown infestation in your home. So now you have them… What do you do? More…

Tell Tail Signs of Rat Problems!

There are a number of tell tale signs which are worth staying vigilant for which can prove to accurately indicate the presence of rats. More…

Infertility Is The Latest Weapon Against Pests

Researchers have pioneered a way to use infertility to control pest populations. More…

Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Traveling is a part of many people’s holiday plans and that often means staying in hotels. Whether you stay in a five-star hotel or a no star motel you could be visited at night by bed bugs. More…

Winter Pest Control Tips

Mice, rats, winged carpenter ants, fruit flies, spiders can all decide to move into your warm and cozy home when the weather outside turns frightful. Here are a few tips to help you keep them away this winter. More…


Geocoris lineola lineola
Geocoris lineola lineola (Photo credit: J. Coelho)

Pest Of The Week: The Big-Eyed Bug

The Big-eyed Bug is one of the many beneficial insects that we find in our gardens. Sometimes confused with the True Chinch bug, the Big-Eyed bug devours all sorts of harmful pests. Mites, insect eggs, and small pests like pink bollworm, cabbage loopers and whiteflies are the Big-eyed bug’s most favorite meal options. When these pests are scarce, the Big-eyed bug will also eat the honeydew and nectar of certain types of flowers and plants.

Adult Big-eyed bugs are relatively tiny; measuring a mere about 3 millimeters. They are also black, gray, or tan in color; and have with huge eyes in which this insect gets its own name. Like other true bugs, these bugs have piercing-sucking mouthparts, feeding by stabbing their prey and sucking out the juices.

Look for big-eyed bugs in fields, gardens, gardens, and turf grass. They are considered an important predator in many agricultural systems


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