Pest Control: Weekly Links Round-Up

Pest Control: Weekly Links Round-Up

AntsFAQs About Structural Pest Control Inspections

Get your questions answered about what information is included on the inspection report, if all recommendations have to be completed before the sale of the home, and how long is an inspection report considered valid, here.

Top 3 Pests In Austin

The top three pests in Austin, Texas might surprise you. More…

Small Whitefly Creates Big Mess

There’s a Whitefly epidemic in Southwest Florida. Here’s what you need to know. More…

Knockout Pest Control Sponsoring the Long Island Fight for Charity – KO-12

Knockout Pest Control is proud to support the Long Island Fight for Charity and is sponsoring local fighter and President of the charity Moms Who Kick in this worthy cause to help families in need on Long Island. More…

Bird Control Means Bird Exclusion

Thrasher Termite & Pest Control has several humane strategies available for taking care of your bird control issues, including relocating existing birds as well as installing systems for preventing birds from roosting. More…

Smokybrown Cockroach (Matsudo, Chiba, Japan)
Smokybrown Cockroach (Photo credit: t-mizo)

Pest Of The Week: The Smokybrown Cockroach

Most of us in the United States who are dealing with cockroach infestations are battling American Cockroaches. If you life in a Gulf Coast state like Texas, Mississippi, Florida, or Louisiana, you make be confusing your American cockroach infestation for that of a Smokybrown cockroach. Both of these roaches look very similar. Both roaches are a dark brown color with a shiny abdomen/thorax, but the Smokybrown cockroach has light-rimmed pattern on its thorax.

The wings of the Smokybrown cockroach extend past the roach’s abdomen, and they can reach lengths of just over an inch. The “smokies” love very damp and dark areas, and hate cold weather. They will rapid lose moisture and die when exposed to the elements. Look for these roaches around the concealed perimeters of your home, and under mulch, lawn clippings, or leaves in which they eat. They really become a problem when they enter our homes during the winter months looking for refuge from the cold.


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