How To Overcome Your Fear Of Spiders

Afraid of SpidersAside from the seriously dangerous creepy crawlies that inhabit a small percentage of the world, most spiders are harmless and essentially not dangerous, just visually unpleasant. For many, a dislike of spiders will have no impact on their daily lives, and when coming into contact with, or noticing, an arachnid, they can just avert their eyes and dismiss, capture and release, or exterminate, but for those with true arachnophobia, the consequences of seeing a spider can be incredibly traumatic.

Those that suffer from a fear of spiders will be well aware of the impact that their phobia has on their daily lives. A seemingly small fear can actually detrimental to an individual’s happiness and can actually create serious restrictions. Sufferers will find themselves avoiding situations that may see them coming into contact with spiders. All individuals that suffer from arachnophobia are desperate to overcome their fear and live a normal life.

Why Do We Have Phobias?

Aside from childhood traumas, and the basic fears that all humans are born with (falling and the dark), there is no actual reason for many phobias, meaning that all phobias are irrational. In the past, it has been argued that phobias are genetic and are passed from generation to generation via genes, but recent discoveries have found that common phobias often arise from learned behaviors. For example, parents that display a particular dislike or fear in front of their young children will often find that the children will develop that fear.

How Do Sufferers React?

Although individual reactions often vary from case to case, there are some physical and emotional reactions that are common. Upon viewing an actual spider, an image of one, or sometimes just thinking about seeing one, many sufferers find that their heart rate increases, they start sweating, and feel incredibly panicked and highly anxious, often escalating into a full panic attack. Extreme cases will show individuals becoming temporarily paralyzed upon viewing a spider.

Even after the spider has been removed from sight, many sufferers will often have continued anxiety and fear that can take hours to subside.

Spider In HandHow Can Arachnophobes Conquer Their Fear?

Many phobia sufferers are aware of the restrictions that their fear causes and would ideally like to conquer them in order to live without feeling irrationally scared. As a phobia cannot be rationalized, there are limited cures, and willpower often has to be ruled out as a cure. There are two main ways to overcome a phobia of spiders, hypnotherapy and systematic desensitization.

Systematic desensitization works by slowing introducing coping methods and working to understand why the person feels scared. Often, the end result will be than the sufferer no longer feels scared, or can control their fear to a level where they can touch the object they are scared of. Although proven to be an effective method, many sufferers of arachnophobia are unable to even comprehend physically touching a spider or overcoming their fear, so will be unable to even begin this process.

Hypnotherapy to cure phobias works to eliminate your fear without the aid of exposure or prescription medication, and has been known to cure phobias after one session. Although a session won’t make you suddenly become a lover of arachnids, it will help remove your fear and your response to seeing a spider. During a session, your hypnotherapist will teach you calming and coping techniques that will help you stay in control of your phobia.

Author Bio: Beth Stubbings has a genuine fear of spiders that she is currently battling. For those with a serious phobia, she would recommend Fix My Mind for hypnotherapy sessions that will remove your fear and help you cope with your phobia.

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