What Your Customers Are Looking For In A Pest Control Company

Pest Management TechnicianPest control management can be a competitive field to work in since there are usually several companies in one city offering the same services, each one claiming that they can get the job done best. So when a potential customer opens the Yellow Pages or does a quick Internet search, how do they know who to choose? Here is some insight into what customers are looking for from a pest control professional and ideas to make your company successfully stand out among the competition.


There’s a good chance that new customers seeking pest control services will ask their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers for recommendations of a company that they have used. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of gaining more business, making each interaction on the job vital to future success. Always treat customers with respect and listen to their needs and concerns so that you may gain a superior track record. Ask old customers for testimonials of the good experience they had with your company, and be ready to give potential customers referrals when asked.

Proof of License and Insurance

One of the first things most home and business owners will want to know is if you’re currently licensed to operate in their city or state. A license shows that you’ve had proper training in the application of pesticides and in handling the specialized equipment necessary for administering those treatments. Carrying general liability insurance protects both you and your customers. Accidents can happen at any time, even with the best pest control companies, and being that there are chances of pollution due to the chemicals used in pest management, having insurance will allow everyone involved to feel secure. You should be able to produce a copy of both your license and insurance policy when asked by a customer.

A Policy That Guarantees the Work Performed

Guaranteeing your work demonstrates that you have confidence in the job that you do and can also put a customer at ease if they are still hesitant to sign up for services. Clearly state the terms of your guarantee in a contract so there is no confusion later on down the road.

Pest TechnicianAbility to Answer Questions Regarding Treatment

No one feels comfortable hiring a company that skirts around answering questions. Customers need to feel satisfied that their safety and health concerns are addressed, that the pest control professional understands exactly where the infestation has taken place and that there has been straightforward communication about the treatment method to be used.

Options for Green Pest Control Management

With a lot of people becoming more environmentally cautious these days and worrying about the health risks associated with chemical pesticides, it’s important for pest control companies to provide options for a green or integrated pest management program.¬†Knowing that they have the choice available to them to use non-toxic treatments is oftentimes the number one priority for many customers in selecting a pest control professional.

Customers generally want a pest control company that they can trust to resolve their pest problems in a timely and efficient manner, using a method they agree with and at a value they can afford. Meeting those requirements should gain you a lucrative and long-lasting business.

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