My Cockroaches Are Worth How Much?!


They’re nasty! They scuttle along your kitchen counters and cupboards, only to dart off into deepest cracks and crevices of your home as soon as you flip on the lights. They multiply like crazy; and before long you’re overrun with them. I’m referring, of course, to cockroaches!

But I bet you didn’t know that your roaches could be a blessing in disguise?

If your home is swarming with cockroaches, turn your misery into your next business venture! Ground-up cockroach powder is selling for top dollar in China!

Cockroaches Are Worth How Much?

Ground-up cockroach powder is selling for top dollar in China, fetching prices as high as 1200 Yuan per kilo or approximately $90 a pound!

The cockroach powder is used in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and is claimed to cure several different diseases.

Currently there is a massive demand for these cockroach pests. In fact, pulverized cockroach powder is in such short supply, the price of cockroaches is expected to double within the next year. About 1,000 tons of cockroach powder is currently available every year, but the demands are estimated to be well over 3,000 tons. This has lead to widespread cockroach farms through-out China and other parts of Asia.

Cockroach Benefits Per Traditional Chinese Medicine


Roach medicine

According to practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC), cockroaches that have been ground into a powder are excellent at treating several ailments. Some of these ailments include:

  • Bone Tuberculosis
  • Breast Cancer
  • Cirrhosis
  • Spleen and liver swelling
  • Anti-aging effects

Becoming A Roach Entrepreneur

Think you have the stomach to be surrounded by millions of creepy-crawly roaches all day– I have the career for you! With just a handful of roach larvae, and the appropriate roach housing, food and water, you can become a cockroach rancher!

You can start off small, but before long you’ll have roaches coming out of your ears! One pair of mating cockroaches can yield well over 10 Million baby cockroaches!

Raising the cockroaches is the easy part; it’s drying them up and grinding them into a powder that it congruent with TCM that is a little trickier. It’s an industry secret.

Want in on this industry secret… Well, you’re in luck. For a mere $58.81 U.S. Dollars (360 Chinese Yuan) you can order the complete 24 volume e-book, three illustrated guides, and seven DVD collection that offers all of the ins and outs of insect ranching!

roach breeding dvd

Get started here:

Fair warning though… Your neighbors may not be very happy with your new career choice, as cockroach escapees are common place in the industry. Your neighbors homes may have a few of your roaches wander into their home.



cockroach eating

One of the hardiest pests found in the world, is the cockroach. These pests have been around for millions of years; and are so hardy, that some have even predicted that they will survive the apocalypse. This hardiness has developed through years of evolution; evolving to the point where roaches are even becoming resistant to common pesticides. In order to eliminate and control serious roach infestations, a roach control professional, who is up-to-date on all the newest roach control methods, is needed… Unless you’re interested in becoming a cockroach entrepreneur.



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