Guide To The Brown Recluse Spider Infographic

One of the most feared spiders in the United States, also has the worse reputation. I’m referring to the Brown Recluse spider, and unfortunately this bad reputation is well deserved.

The Brown Recluse is dangerous. The Brown Recluse is very venomous. Yes, it bites and one of these Brown Recluse spider bites is very painful and may result in disfiguring skin ulcers. Although rare, these bites can even lead to death. It’s because of the dangerous outcomes of the bites, many homeowners are very cautious when is comes to any spider that even resembles that of a Brown Recluse.

This fear, has lead many of homeowner to jump to conclusions when it comes to the possibilities of a dangerous Brown recluse entering the home. “If it’s a brown spider, it must be a brown recluse, right?”  Not exactly.

The following infographic, put together by the spider control professionals at Bulwark Exterminating, gives us all some tips on identifying thy Brown Recluse spider, it’s range, and what to do if you are ever bitten.

Guide To The Brown Recluse Spider Infographic

Brown Recluse Control for Professionals

As this blog is dedicated to pest management professionals, it’s important to touch on the most effective methods most in the industry use to control the Brown Recluse spiders. For those in the industry, it’s no secret that the Brown Recluse is very difficult to control. These spiders avoid contact with the pesticide sprays, for the most part, because they walk elevated on their toes.

Residual pyrethroid insecticide sprays, like Demon®, Demand® CS, Suspend®, TalstarOne®, and Tempo®, appear to offer the best control. Apply this insecticide to the exterior of a home’s foundation, and in the eaves, closets, storage areas, and rugs.  Insecticidal dusts, like Tempo® Dust (cyfluthrin), should be applied in wall voids, attics, and inaccessible crawl spaces as well. Dusts penetrate places that cannot be reached by sprays, and often provide longer control.

These Brown Recluse control methods are effective, but only to a certain degree. When it comes to controlling these spiders permanently, sanitation is the key. Clutter in the home and yard must be cleaned up, and webs need to be continually cleared to keep new spiders from continually coming back. Communicating this to your customers is key for long term success in dealing with these dangerous spiders.


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