Friday Links Round-Up: Weekly Pest Control Articles

fall leavesFriday Links Round-Up: Weekly Pest Control Articles


What is a Vole?

Often confused for mice, voles can be equally as troublesome. Lean more about voles, here.

Facts About Bed bugs Appearance, Bites and Behavior

What do bed bugs look like? What do their bites look like? What should you do if you have bedbugs? Get the bedbug facts here.

Where Did All Of These Stink Bugs Come From?

It’s that time of year again. The cooler fall months mean that stink bugs will be swarming near your home, perhaps in record numbers. See how these pests have spread across the United States, and learn what you can do about them, here.

Do Ultrasonic Bat Repelling Devices Really Drive Bats Away?

Check out the stats on bat repelling devices, here.

Bed Bugs Shut Down University of Arizona Main Library

Bed bugs hit yet another library. This time, the target was that of the University of Arizona. More…


German RoachPest Of The Week: The German Cockroach

Of all the species of cockroach found in the United States, the German cockroach just might be the most common. These roaches measure a little smaller than other cockroach species; about ½ inch in length. They are sometimes confused for Asian cockroaches, because of their similar appearance and presence of wings; but unlike their cockroach cousin, German roaches very rarely fly.

These dark brown colored German roaches enter our homes because they are not very tolerant of the weather. They are also always on the lookout for sources of food, including: sweets, starches, proteins, glue, soap, trash, and even toothpaste. Look for German cockroaches in your kitchens and bathrooms, as they like moisture as well. They will quickly dart away if you turn on the lights, as these roaches prefer the cloak of darkness.

Professional roach control treatments are needed to exterminate serious German cockroach infestations.


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