Oregon Police Called In To Exterminate House Spider

“Whatcha gonna do?! Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys, bad boys!”

And Oregon teen recently found a intruder in her house. Instead of thieving and looting her home like most intruders do, this one was actually relaxing on her couch. He didn’t seem to be doing much, other than enjoying an opportunity to put his feet up. Unfortunately, this teen felt otherwise. Forest Groves native Makenna Sewell was able to get to a phone fast enough to called the authorities, unbeknownst to the invader.

The call went a little something like this…

Yeah, you heard that right. The police were dispatched and sent to a home in order to kill… a spider! And not just any spider. This particular spider was the size of an entire baseball. Could you imagine if it were the size of a softball? They probably would’ve sent in SWAT.

Luckily we at Bulwark were fast enough to respond on the police scanner channel before the cops did and snap a shot of the culprit before the cuffs, or boot heel, was dealt.


The news reports are a little unclear whether or not the responding officer had to call in for back-up, or if he handled the incident solo. It’s also unclear how the responding officer may or may not have talked down the intruder, and whether force was needed to contain the situation. At any rate, details aside, this officer should be commended and honored for his bravery and upstanding professionalism.

Bulwark salutes you, unknown Oregonian police officer. We bestow up you – Bulwark’s Honorary Pest Agent Badge.

Honorary Pest Control Agent
“To Protect And Serve Those Under The Threat Of Pest Problems”


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