How to Keep Your Home from Becoming a Winter Pest Resort

Sunday is the first day of Autumn. Summer has come and gone and the winter months will soon be rolling in. But that doesn’t mean that pests should be rolling into your house for shelter. As it gets colder outside, take these precautions while you still can to keep unwanted visitors from showing up at your holiday parties.

Keep Your Home Tidy


Around the holiday season you should just be keeping your house tidy in general, especially to prepare for all of the guests that you’ll be having over. A messy house might ward off human guests, but it will draw in an extra number of crawling creatures. Uncovered food and water sources attract pests, particularly ants and roaches. Even pet food can draw insects to it. Keep food well sealed and put away to make them less of a target home for unwanted visitors.

Seal Potential Entries

seal entryways

When it gets colder outside, most pests seek indoor refuge. For bugs, any sort of opening is like a big sign saying, “Come to my warm home.” Before it’s too cold and miserable, do a head to toe inspection of your home. Check door and window frames, roofing, and the foundation for any cracks or places where insects could get in. Do an indoor inspection as well to be extra thorough.

Repair Screens

Repairing Screen

Your screens aren’t really doing their job if there are holes in them. Keep your screens in good condition to prevent insects from creeping through the gaping holes.

Fix Leaks

Fix Leaks

Both indoor and outdoor bodies of water are a huge attraction for pests. Make sure your rain gutters lead water far enough from your home. This will also help to keep your foundation in better condition with less cracking. Regularly check indoor pipes for cracks as well.

Replace Outdoor Lights

Replace Outdoor lights

It’s tempting to enjoy the final warm nights of summer outdoors. Before you do this though, invest in lights that won’t attract extra insects. This will make it easier for you to get back into your home without inviting more residents along the way.

Maintain Your Yard

Couple Raking Leaves

An unruly yard will lead to a wide host of pests surrounding your house. The more pests outside of your house, the more likely it is that they will try to come inside. A tidy yard with a simple flower bed can make a win-win situation for you and some of your pesky friends. You’ll be more satisfied with your yard’s appearance and it will give the pests somewhere to go that isn’t inside your house.

Eliminate Outdoor Breeding Grounds

Wood pile

It can be so convenient to stash your winter’s supply of firewood right next to your house. But this will be a huge mistake. Wood piles, leaf buildup, and ivy vines are all breeding grounds for insects and great temporary shelters. The closer their home is to yours, the more likely it is that they’ll feel free to move in.

Before the temperature drops too much, take some extra time on the weekend to get your home ready for the war against pests. Preventing them from entering your house now will be much easier than trying to get them out later.

Author Bio: Michael David is a freelance journalist and blogger who enjoys writing to help companies with drainage repair. Michael loves writing about DIY projects, home improvement, and garden-related topics.



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