5 Ridiculous Bug Bits Online

We all know the internet is wonderful. I recently needed to find some information in a book, yes books still exist, and asked, “How do I Google in this thing?” Haha, brain fart, but the internet is also known to be home to some of the world’s weirdest, creepiest, and totally ridiculous truths and lies.

The following are some of the most wonderful bug related treasures we’ve found online:

5. Sure Fire Pest Control: Man Blows Up His Apartment


Man Blows Up Penthouse For Pest Control

One sure way, proven to be 100% effective, to get rid of the bugs in your bachelor pad is to blow up the joint. Hands down you’ll be bug-free. A New Jersey man decided to test out this theory. His do-it-at-home extermination methods led to a blaze which destroyed about 80% of his apartment. Chump.

Read the incredibly ridiculous story here.

4. Funeral For Fallen Bugs


remember bee memorial

Thousands of bumble bees were found dead in an Portland, Oregon mall parking lot. Just like any fallen government official, the bees were honored with an elaborate memorial. The goal of the memorial, which took place at a Target parking lot, was to “memorialize these fallen lifeforms and talk about the plight of the bees and their importance to life on Earth.”  Yes, bees are important. Yes, I know that the city of Portland is pretty crunchy granola. But a bug memorial… just like a fallen government official? Come on! I guess you better think twice before I squash that cockroach next time I’m in Portland.

Read more about the bug memorial here.

3. Hall Monitor? Please… Insect Monitor is the New Thang!

Insect Hall Monitor

A California teacher at Eagle Rock Elementary School & Magnet Center thought hall monitors were overrated so she decided to appoint an insect monitor instead. All the kids are raving about the job; especially the little girls. The job requirements include, but are not exclusive to, transporting insects outdoors, and preventing their deaths within the classroom. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) praised the teacher. When PETA gets involved you know things are legit.

Read the Fox News Story here.

2. Wikihow’s Steps for the Care of a Praying Mantis


Praying Mantis

Learning to care for pets is critical, but the insect on the best sellers list at the local pet store is definitely the Praying Mantis. For those mantis enthusiasts out there wikiHow now details just how to start your new life next to your mantis. From finding just the right little guy for you, to petting and handling it, to breeding your own generation of companions. It is all there. I just found this bizarre!

1. Aqua’s Bumble Bee Music Video


If your love of bees isn’t strong enough, the group Aqua (also known as the “Barbie Girl” group) has captured the essence of these bugs just right in one of their many hits. Bumble bees is a YouTube sensation and thanks to the black and yellow buggers it continues to increase in popularity. Congrats Aqua. After watching the music video, I’m left speechless.

Got any other crazy bug stories? We’d Love to hear em’!



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