Pest Control Information- Weekly Links Round-Up

Pest Control Information- Weekly Links Round-Up

Dark roachCaterpillars Invade Arizona

Would walking into what looks like a “science-fiction movie” scare you? It definitely has creeped out some people in Arizona. These tent caterpillars are a sight to be seen. More…

Great Pest Control Tips That The Experts Swear By!

Are you in need of a few good pest control tips? Look no further than here.

Prevent Ants From Marching Into Your Home This Summer

Are you having a problem with ants invading your home this summer? Here are a few tips to help you live ant free. More…

Know Your Enemy…The German Cockroach

Despite their name…”German Cockroach”, these creepy pests don’t originate from Germany. Learn more about this common roach invader, here.

How Customer Reviews Help All Pest Control Company And Potential Customers

Just how much do online customer reviews matter for small pest control business owners? Learn more about their importance, here.

White-Footed AntPest Of The Week: The White-Footed Ant

An extremely common ant invader of South Florida, the White-Footed ant has spread to other states like California, Hawaii, and nearby Louisiana and South Carolina. Measuring a mere 0.5 mm, the White-Footed ant is very small compared to other ant pests. It’s their size that enables these ants to gain easy access into homes. They will enter homes looking for food to bring back to the rest of the colony.

These ants are named for their light yellow or white colored legs or feet. Aside from their legs, they are blackish-brown in color. They are also a budding ant, which helps this ant species spread throughout different properties. Severe White-Footed ant infestations will likely involve professional ant control in order to exterminate these ants from your property.


Anthony Ball is a Content Marketing Manager with Bulwark Exterminating, an industry leader in providing high quality pest control service. Bulwark is fully operational in nine states, including thirteen major cities. While Bulwark provides pest extermination for common pests like ants, roaches, crickets and spiders; the company's differentiating aspect is great personalized service. Bulwark uses the finest and most effective products in the world to solve common pest problems.

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  1. The white footed ant has not found its way to NYC and i am happy about that. We already have too many species of ants to deal with! They are such a pain these ants

  2. If only I had read the tip on how to Prevent Ants From Marching Into Your Home This Summer!! Great content, keep it up

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