5 Cool Bug Themed School Supplies

Back To School

It’s that time of year again where the little ones head back to school, and you know what that means: new school supplies! Why not send your tykes back to school in style, with fun bug-themed items? The following ideas are especially great for younger kids who are enthusiastic about insects, and are a great way to incorporate an educational topic your child enjoys learning about with fashion and accessories.

Ladybug Backpack

What better way to send your little bug off to kindergarten than with a cute Ladybug backpack? There are many adorable styles to choose from, whether you’re seeking to purchase a backpack with pictures of ladybugs (or some other insects) on it, or a backpack that resembles a ladybug itself. Your child will be the talk of the classroom when she sports a fashionable ladybug backpack – not to mention that it doubles as a functional item that will hold all her schoolwork.

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Bug Buddy Calculator

If you’re into DIY projects, why not dress up your little one’s calculator so it looks like a bug? There are fun DIY project ideas on the web for doing this, and the results are absolutely adorable. If you’re not into DIY projects, you can always buy a calculator in the shape of a bug – there are plenty flip-open bug calculators on the market. Who says learning can’t be fun?

Bug Binder

If your child has an interest in bugs, getting them a bug-themed binder to keep their schoolwork in would be a great idea. You could even find one with an educational theme, which lists bug facts along with pictures of our six-legged friends.

Bug Pen or Pencil Topper

A bug pen or pencil topper is another clever and simple way to incorporate your child’s love for bugs with school. A fun pencil or pen topper makes writing fun, and encourages your child to do their homework so they can enjoy their pencil buddy. Pencil toppers are fairly inexpensive and easy to find – most places that sell school supplies should carry some.

Bug Pencil Holder Pouch

Your child will want someplace to store his pencil with its fancy bug topper, and what better way to keep it safe than inside a bug-themed pencil pouch? These zippered pouches are a convenient way for your child to carry his writing utensils while keeping them safe. If you can’t find any bug-themed pencil holder pouches in your local stores, look online – there are lots available.

The end of the summer can be a real drag for your kids; livening up their back-to-school experience with school supplies that they’ll enjoy eases the transition. Of course, as much as your little one may love bugs, you’ll want to make sure there are no actual bugs getting a free lift to school with your child via his or her backpack! If your child’s homework is crawling with actual insects, call a pest control professional – and make sure your child’s back-to-school experience is bug free – aside from the ones on the school supplies, that is!

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2 thoughts on “5 Cool Bug Themed School Supplies

  1. So good to see a positive blog post! Every little girl loves lady bugs, you even see them during Halloween, I know my 8 yr old niece has been a lady bug at least twice.

  2. Funny! I hope to see children running around this school year with some insect stuff. Not all pests are insects!

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