Pest Control- Weekly Links

Pest Control- Weekly Links


Pest Control Links Round-Up
Pest Control Links Round-Up

Carpenter Ant Awareness Week

This week is carpenter ant awareness week. How can you spot carpenter ants? Where are they found? What can you do to prevent them? Here’s what you need to know. More…

Bird Mites

Here’s an article discussing the appearance, lifecycle, habits, and behavior of bird mites. More…

Have You Seen the Asian Tiger Mosquito?

Our pest of the week is the Asian Tiger Mosquito. Turns out that this flying pest is also common in California. Here’s what you need to know. More…

Asian Cockroaches In Charlotte, NC

Out of all the different species of cockroaches, the Asian cockroach just might be the most difficult to control. One of the reasons these roaches are so difficult to control, is because they can fly. In fact, Asian cockroaches have been known to fly well over 120 feet. More…

Dealing with Fire Ants Near Your House

Fire ants are considered to be one the most dangerous pests in North America. With the ability to attack and kill small animals and inject venom that may cause an allergic reaction in some people, they’re one pest you simply don’t want near your home. More…

Pest Of The Week: The Asian Tiger Mosquito


Asian Tiger MosquitoWith black and white striped legs, similar to that of a tiger, the Asian Tiger Mosquito has become a serious pest control issue throughout much of the Eastern United States. These flying pests are actually native to the tropics of Southern Asia, but were unintentionally transported to the United States around 1985; in a shipment of used tires.

Recently, states like New Jersey have had an influx of Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, with reports of huge swarms descending on the state. These mosquitoes are closely associated with humans, more so than other species of mosquitoes, because they are not attributed strictly to wetlands. Additionally, while most mosquitoes only bite during the dawn and dusk hours, the Asian Tiger Mosquito will bite and feed all day long; even during the daytime.


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  1. i think your little blog post on carpenter ant awareness week was great. I think that homeowners need to be more vigilant when it comes to carpenter ants. Us pest control exterminators see the damage that these ants can do. All homeowners should get a pest inspection ever few years on their home to ensure no WDI damage or other infestations. check out our blog herebed bug extermination blog

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