Identify Troublesome Pests And Critters With These Four Cool Apps

SmartphoneThat moment when you see a cockroach scurrying across the floor or a rat running alongside the wall is a disgusting moment indeed, but at least we can identify these common critters and make the appropriate arrangements for their removal. In many cases, however, bugs and insects may venture inside the home that are not easily discernible, leaving home owners pondering whether it is a stray bug or if there is a potential infestation problem. Fortunately, an array of mobile applications has emerged to help make this process easier. In the following article, we will detail four apps that help users identify pests, insects and critters without having to first resort to expensive consultations from local pest control companies.

Critter Lookup

Designed to offer a plethora of animals and insects for easy inspection, Critter Lookup is a free application that is downloadable via the iTunes Store. Upon opening the app, you will be able to select by category: reptiles, insects, birds and mammals are all clearly categorized from the start. This free service allows you to browse thousands of species to determine what exactly is in or around your home. Can’t find what you are looking for? With the photo search feature, you can capture a photo of the critter in question, have it emailed to a Critter Control representative and receive an answer as to what it is in a short period of time.

Bug & Weed Identifier

Built by the insecticide company Spectracide as a free way to identify pests, the Bug & Weed Identifier can be used in a variety of applications. Not only will you be able to identify troublesome insects and critters, but you can also browse and determine what invasive species of weeds are growing around your home. In many cases, certain types of weeds and plants will attract critters – depending on your circumstances, addressing both of these elements may prove to be a better approach. With detailed descriptions as well as treatment plans provided, using this app makes perfect sense for ridding the home of pests.

Bayer Pest Spotter

Another big name in the world of insecticides is Bayer, and naturally it makes sense that they would develop an app for dealing with critters. Upon downloading this free app from the Android Marketplace, you will have access to detailed records on more than 70 pests. Not only is basic information available for each unwelcome visitor, but there is also a variety of treatment plans and lists of attractants for each critter. The Bayer Pest Spotter was developed specifically for farmers but serves as a great way to identify many common pests around the home as well.

Suburban Pest ID

Designed to be an interactive and comprehensive identifier for pests, Suburban Pest ID functions as a facilitator between qualified professionals and home owners who need help identifying various pests. Included in the app is a repository of information to help with basic identification, but the $0.99 cost of the app covers interactive identification from the people at Suburban Pest ID. Simply snap a photo and upload it: you will receive a response and proper identification in no time at all.

Today’s featured writer, Ryan Hall, works for Swat Wild Life, a firm that is number one choice for humane wildlife removal in Toronto. He’s a tech enthusiast and keeps tabs on all the latest apps that help keep insects and pests away from home.

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3 thoughts on “Identify Troublesome Pests And Critters With These Four Cool Apps

  1. People don’t realize the importance of pest control. Espically in the New York City areas. People think its an excuse that since they live in such a big city, they are supposed to have pests. Simply isnt true. Every home, apartment, or loft should be pest free! Exterminators are your friends and should always be called when you see a pest.

  2. My sister has a small squirrel eating through the siding on her house. She can’t get rid of it. Any ideas. It’s driving her and her indoor cat crazy.

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