Did A Spider Bite Kill Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman?

Jeff Hanneman of Slayer at Tuska-Festival

Did A Spider Bite Kill Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman?

The world of heavy metal is mourning the loss of Jeff Hanneman, guitarist and founding member of thrasher band Slayer. While the official cause of death has been listed as liver failure, there is much speculation that it may have been due to complications caused by a spider bite in 2011.

Hanneman almost lost his arm due to a flesh-eating disease, necrotizing fasciitis, which he contracted after failing to seek immediate medical treatment after being bitten by a spider two years ago. Slayer spokeswoman Heidi Robinson-Fitzgerald blamed Hanneman’s death on the spider bite.

Flesh-eating bacteria doesn’t cause liver failure by itself; however, strep bacteria can cause streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, which can ultimately lead to liver failure. Hanneman, 49, was slowly recovering from complications from the spider bite when he suffered from liver failure.

Can Spider Bites Kill You?

While a spider bite can be extremely painful, it is very rare that people die from one. An average of 6.6 people in the U.S. die each year from venomous spider bites. More people die from bee and wasp stings.

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Brown Recluse Spiders

Rumor has it that the brown recluse spider is one of the most deadly spiders on the planet. However, the fact of the matter is, death from brown recluse spiders have only been reported in children under the age of seven. While the brown recluse spider’s venom is more poisonous than a rattle snake, it only injects a small amount when biting a victim. However, the venom that is released causes destruction to cell membranes, causing damage to the skin. The venom also causes an immune response, which causes secondary effects. It is the secondary effects that actually cause serious side effects to the victim, not the venom itself.

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Black Widow Spiders

Most people are raised with a deadly fear of black widow spiders ingrained in them. While a black widow bite can cause you to be ill, it rarely causes death. Like the brown recluse spider, the black widow’s venom has the worse effects on children and the elderly.

The black widows’ venom affects the victims nervous system. Some people are only slightly affected by the venom, while others have serious reactions. Abdominal pain, weakness, tremor, and respiratory difficulties are typical symptoms following a black widow bite.

If you suspect that you’ve been bitten by a spider, it is vital that you seek immediate medical treatment. While most spider bites aren’t life threatening, secondary effects can cause serious health problems. Jeff Hanneman is proof that a spider bite is not a matter to be taken lightly. No matter how brutal you may think you are, a spider bite can be even more brutal – so do yourself a favor and get yourself to a doctor the moment you suspect you’ve been bitten.

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