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Pest Of The Week: Bagrada Bugs


English: Eurydema dominulus. One of cabbage st...

Bagrada bugs, sometimes called painted bugs, harlequin bugs, or cabbage bugs, can commonly cause pest control problems in select areas of the United States. They are very common in Southern California, where they were first discovered in 2008. Since then they have migrated to parts of Southern Arizona.

Bagrada bugs measure about 6 mm in length, and have a very recognizable shield shaped body. Their orange, black, and white markings also make the insects very recognizable. Those not familiar with bagrada bugs, sometimes mistake them for ladybugs; even though they are orange (not red) and are a different shape.

Bagrada bugs commonly harm garden plants like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, turnip, and radish. When one of these garden plants are attacked by bagrada bugs, they can sustain significant damage. Bagrada bugs will destroy their plant host by inserting their needle-like mouth parts, and suck out the vital juices the plants need to survive.


Pest Control Links Round-Up For May 17, 2013


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